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Teagle Foundation

The Teagle Foundation works to support and strengthen liberal arts education, which we see as fundamental to meaningful work, effective citizenship, and a fulfilling life. Our aim is to serve as a catalyst for the improvement of teaching and learning in the arts and sciences while addressing issues of financial sustainability and accountability in higher education.


Emory & Henry College

Located in the Highlands of Virginia, Emory & Henry has devoted itself since 1836 to the belief that education can have a transformative effect on an individual, a place and ultimately the wider world. Emory & Henry College is named for Bishop John Emory, an eminent Methodist church leader, and Patrick Henry, a patriot of the American Revolution and Virginia’s first governor. Together they symbolize the college’s dual emphasis on spiritual growth and civic engagement.

Website Design & Development

Agency Cadre

Cadre is a talent-run group of specialists brought together to revolutionize the digital experiences of their clients. Cadre is built of proven leaders in compelling design, effective technology, and impactful marketing. Cadre believes the foundation of any successful project is a firm understanding of client needs, unrestricted communication, and free-flowing collaboration. Cadre specializes in creating custom responsive websites that combine cutting edge technology with the kind of innovative design, development and marketing techniques that can only be honed through decades of creating successful websites.